State & Local Tax (SALT)

As companies like yours begin to expand, grow, or relocate, they can experience complicated state and local tax issues—issues that could have a serious impact on revenue streams. Choosing an advisor who can effectively negotiate the potentially hazardous waters of your state and local tax (SALT) should be a primary consideration of your business plan.

At LGT, our experienced and focused SALT specialists will navigate the oftentimes complicated multi-state tax laws, allowing you to maintain your competitive market edge. We offer years of experience in the SALT arena:

  • Review your organizational structure to identify opportunities to minimize state income and franchise taxes

  • Prepare a nexus study to identify and minimize your income and sales tax filing responsibilities

  • Determine proper sales tax treatment of various products and services

  • Assist in audit defense and other controversy matters

  • Identify relevant sales tax exemptions

  • Maximize and negotiate available state and local credits and incentives

  • Minimize property taxes on real property and business personal property

  • Prepare voluntary disclosure agreements to minimize any potential exposure in jurisdictions where you may not be in proper compliance

We provide SALT services to a broad range of clients, ranging in size from one million to more than a billion in revenue. So, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation we’ve got the expertise to meet your needs.

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