State & Local Tax (SALT)

As companies like yours begin to expand, grow, or relocate, they can experience complicated state and local tax issues—issues that could have a serious impact on revenue streams. The most important part of your business plan should be picking a tax advisor who can help you navigate the potentially dangerous waters of your state and local taxes (SALT).

At LGT, our experienced and focused SALT specialists will navigate the oftentimes complicated multi-state tax laws, allowing you to maintain your competitive market edge. We offer years of experience in the SALT arena:

  • Review your organizational structure to identify opportunities to minimize state income and franchise taxes
  • Prepare a nexus study to identify and minimize your income and sales tax filing responsibilities
  • Determine proper sales tax treatment of various products and services
  • Assist in audit defense and other controversy matters
  • Identify relevant sales tax exemptions
  • Maximize and negotiate available state and local credits and incentives
  • Minimize property taxes on real property and business personal property
  • Prepare voluntary disclosure agreements to minimize any potential exposure in jurisdictions where you may not be in proper compliance

We provide SALT services to a broad range of clients, ranging in size from one million to more than a billion in revenue. So, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation we’ve got the expertise to meet your needs.


Need Guidance?

Find out from Jon in our state tax tips section about sales, income/franchise, and Texas sales tax that will set your business up for success.

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