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The decisions you make today will inevitably have tax consequences tomorrow. Since the overall tax burden is one of the top expenses a company faces, it is important to maximize tax savings opportunities. The tax professionals at LGT routinely provide the following tax services:

The Benefits of Planning Ahead

Offering your employees a unique and comprehensive benefits package can be the key to success! Most companies already offer their employees some form of retirement planning, but how about offering them estate planning?

By offering your employees free or low-cost estate planning, your company will stand out from the competition.

Benefits to your Company
  • Comprehensive & Quality Estate Planning — LGT offers one of the most experienced and all-encompassing estate planning practices in Dallas.
  • Competitive Edge — Improved benefits to help you compete in today’s job market. As the competition for top talent escalates you can offer unique benefits few others can match.
  • Flexibility — Unlike most benefits, Estate Planning offers you options. Choose only the services you wish to offer.
  • Control — Select only the employees you wish to receive the benefit. Everyone, Management, or just C-level. The choice is yours!
  • Freedom — Choose your company’s participation level. Pay for all of your employee’s planning or just a part of it—LGT gives you the freedom to tailor the plan to your specific needs.
Benefits to your Employees
  • Ease to Set Up — Many people are reluctant to establish an estate plan despite their necessity for one. This provides them the opportunity to work with a name they can trust.
  • Personalized Planning — Lane Gorman Trubitt, LLC’s trusted advisors will work with each employee to assemble a personalized plan to meet each of their individual needs.
  • Control — Establishing a solid estate plan now will allow your employees greater control over their finances and provisions for the future.
  • Peace of Mind — Your employees can be secure in the knowledge that a plan is in place, and the people they care about will be provided for in the future.

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