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LGT has many clients, some international, in a variety of businesses and locations that require skills and knowledge which can be identical to providing such services to you. LGT is a member of PrimeGlobal, an international association of independent accounting firms with member firms globally.

We regularly work with member firms on client matters on a broad variety of accounting, audit and tax matters. Foreign locations where we have collaborated with other firms on audit and tax services include London, Geneva, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Mexico City, Toronto, Alberta, and Tel Aviv. The experiences working with colleagues from these many locations is shared among many of our firm’s senior personnel who have accumulated significant knowledge of how to solve problems and integrate solutions in many jurisdictions: experience which many of our competitors cannot claim.

LGT’s background of providing services to international businesses is through many years of experience. These services include:

  • Audits of your partnership, qualified, and non-qualified retirement plans financial statements
  • Preparation of federal, state and local partnership income tax returns
  • Assisting and advising you as firm locations and services expanded in new filings, including voluntary disclosure agreements, of state and local partnership and composite income, franchise, gross receipts tax returns
  • Researching and advising you:
    • Regarding 1099 and payroll tax reporting matters
    • Regarding states' rules for sourcing receipts on market-based revenue methods
    • Regarding complicated tax issues related to your terminated non-qualified retirement plan
    • Regarding tax reporting of charitable and promotional expenditures
    • On withholding federal and state taxes from foreign partners
    • On structuring guaranteed payment arrangements for foreign partners in relation to federal, international, and state tax matters
    • On required U.S. tax depreciation for assets outside of the U.S.
    • On tax reporting of deferred rents, capitalizing rents paid before occupancy/lease buy-outs
  • Assisting you with tax audits by federal, state and local tax authorities
  • Correspondence with federal, state and local tax authorities related to questions arising from filed returns

We want you to be partnered with an accounting firm that understands your business and will provide proactive accounting and tax advice as you continue to grow in the years to come. LGT's extensive experience provides you with best practices and an extensive breadth of knowledge in audit, tax, and general accounting services that will help you continue in your mission.

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Matt Peck, CPA

Matt Peck

CPA. International Tax Lead Partner

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